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Hello, Readers!

I’m excited to announce that my entire catalog will be available as part of a promotion on Smashwords for the month of July as part of their Annual Summer/Winter Sale! This is a chance to get my stories, along with books from many other great authors, at a discount so you can get right to reading.

Starting July 1!

Thank you for your help and support!

Happy reading!

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I publish erotica on Smashwords and here on my website! Most days, I interact on my Discord. You may have found me on Pornhub or Onlyfans!

This website is run with WooPayments, meaning you can purchase anything on this website with ANY Credit Card. This option allows you to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many others, including Bitcoin! I am also running up-to-date software, payment processing, and the proper SSL Certificate to ensure your information is private and never shared.

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50 Story Bestiality Erotica Collection Series #1

50 Story Bestiality Erotica Collection Series #1
This is my first bestiality erotica collection with my FIRST 50 bestiality erotica stories! These stories are explicit, anatomically correct, realistic, and very knotty! You can expect every story to contain a young woman being viciously bred, in one way or another! These bestiality erotica stories are certain to get you off each and every time! These bestiality erotica stories by Jezebel Rose were her first 50 published on Smashwords.com from 2021. Since then, many of her taboo bestiality stories have been removed from sale due to being too taboo. Now, you can buy every bestiality erotica story here at www.Jezebel-Rose.com! Here is the story lineup for this bestiality erotica, including dogs, horses, pigs, wolves, anteaters, and more! These animal bestiality erotica stories are ready for purchase at the lowest price on the internet!

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Erotica Series by Jezebel Rose

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