First Date Fun – Free Erotica Short Story by Jezebel Rose

I feel a tap on my shoulder as I pretended to read my book, too nervous to actually comprehend the print in my hands.  I look up to to see you standing in front of me and it’s all I can do to not rip off your clothes right here, right now. Your piercing hazel eyes have me completely captivated and as I look down the length of your hard, lean body, my mind goes a little blurry. You reach out your hand to help me from my chair, “Jen, right? Hi. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Emotion, Pain, Pleasure; Emotionless – Free Erotica Short Story

This is one of the first erotica short stories I ever published. Now, it’s free for you to enjoy! I’ve come so far thanks to my very much loved fans!

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“Teaser” Part II – Erotica Short Story

This is the continuation of the very first erotica story I ever wrote! Wow, it’s been so long since 2014!

Erotica short story free online ebook

First Date Fun

This is one of Jezebel’s first few erotica short stories. Take a step back in time with her, years, and years, back to 2014… Now, have fun reading this free erotica short story!

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“Teaser” (Jezebel’s FIRST STORY EVER!)

This is the story that started everything. Free story time! Enjoy the very first erotic fiction I ever wrote.

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Yes, Master

This is a four part series about a Master and his sub. Follow along with these two as they sexually explore their relationship while on the run from the police.