How to Find Swingers

Swinging is a part of polyamory, so we’ll go ahead and talk about that here too! While swinging can be with or without emotions involved, my wife and I can’t simply just meet, fuck, then leave. We need to have some sort of connection involved in order to enjoy swinging partners. Some people like swapping partners in the same room, while some people like swapping partners in different rooms, or even just having group sex with everyone involved. The focus of today however will be on how to find swingers near you!

Simple Obvious Choices

Some of the most obvious choices will be simply going to a swinging website such as, or While these are both great choices and can lead to a great one night stand, or a few nights of passion, let me share with you how we have gone about it in the past and had better results despite performing so well for us at home.

Local Swinging at Clubs

While we are in Cincinnati, there are plenty of swing clubs such as Club 440, which is great! We have had good experiences because every time we have gone there has been attractive couples and singles. That’s great! However, we want some sort of connection. In a swing club you can get to know people a bit by talking or dancing with them before you get down and dirty in one of the back rooms. While this is great, it does cost money. Most clubs run a lifetime or yearly membership plus a per visit fee. This could get expensive if you are looking to swing several times per month or week even!

Swing Groups

Another way to find local swingers is to find a meetup group. Typically these are small groups of people with less than 20 people that get together monthly to swing partners. Being in a couple with a lady friend makes getting into these groups much easier. The same goes with clubs – single dudes are much more expensive than a couple or a single lady. Swing groups are great because things are kept a lot more tight knit than swinging with different people every week. You can get to know people on a personal level and intimate level. However if you are looking for a quick swing, this probably isn’t for you.

Overlooked, Underrated: Craigslist Swingers

My wife and I met on the Craigslist personals looking for a hookup, so I can’t bash this too much. However, Craigslist does have a lot of spam, but it seems to be getting better about this. Going to the Craigslist personals and looking for a couple interested in swinging is definitely an option although not the best one.

If you have come across a new venue for finding swing partners, let us know! We would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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