Sex and Emotions

Is Sex better with an emotional connection?

Today we will be answering the question; Is sex better with an emotional connection? Now, we can’t speak for other people, however, there have been studies done that show sex is indeed better with an emotional connection. Why? Lets talk about that, but first, let’s look at some statistics from

  • Porn was actually the most popular bedroom booster: 57 percent of survey responders draw their sexual inspiration from porn and 48 percent from books.
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents believe that the porn industry is actually helping people have better sex.
  • About half of respondents regularly use lubricants, vibrators and other sex toys in bed.
  • To incorporate something new sexually, couples report these top three methods: talking about it while in bed, talking about it in a neutral place outside of the bedroom and first asking one’s partner what he/she wants.
  • Exactly 29 percent of people admit to initiating “dirty talk” through texts and emails while over 60 percent indicate they talk dirty between the sheets. Only 14 percent of respondents claim to never talk dirty.
  • Two-thirds of respondents generally stick to the same 2-4 positions in bed while 27 percent rotate through 5-7 positions and occasionally try new ones.

The top confidence booster in bed? “Being with someone I love” according to respondents who ranked this highest followed by “feeling good about my sexual abilities,” and “when my partner compliments me.”

Lets look at a different survey, from

A whopping 96 percent of survey respondents said the best sex is had with someone with whom they are emotionally connected. Similarly, 92 percent of readers say it’s a turn-on when their partner shows some vulnerability, an important part of emotional closeness.

We can clearly see that sex with some sort of emotional connection does seem to beat out just fucking without emotion. While we notice the statistics above mention what enhances sex for people within the bedroom, we can easily see that the last statistic was noted the most as the biggest sexual enhancer between people in bed. So does this mean that sex with emotion is generally better than sex with random people? I believe it may vary between people and what they find sexy. Personally, I enjoy sex much more with some sort of emotional connection as well as physical attraction with the person I’m having sex with.

My Opinion – Sex with Emotions

When I was early on in the experimental phase of polyamory with my wife, I was having sex with a multitude of partners, without having much, if any sort of a connection. One day I had a one night stand with a lady, which she was great in bed, fucking me however I wanted it, and for hours. But since there wasn’t an emotional connection for me, I couldn’t get into it. I couldn’t even finish. I felt bad after sex as well, which has never happened before. I tried an emotionless fucking again shortly after with the same results. I’m confident that sex for me requires some sort of emotional connection to be considered good sex no matter how good in bed the other person may be!

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Is sex better for you with an emotional connection? Do you enjoy sex without emotions? Let us know in the comments below!

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