Is Polyamory for me? Consider this.

Is Polyamory for me?

Asking if polyamory is for you or if maybe a different relationship style is for you is entirely up to…well, you. However, some insight into polyamory and all the different variances of polyamory can be helpful. We highly recommend checking out pages detailing some of the more popular variances of polyamory. After you have found that there is actually quite a bit of different ways for polyamory to work, you will start to understand that there is many different rules and boundaries that are specific to each person involved in the polyamorous relationship. This allows for a much more fluid form of relationship rather than a monogamous relationship where entering into a single partner lifestyle can be quite restricting.

Is one enough?

Where monogamy revolves around the idea that one person is enough to satisfy another person in entirety from intimate sexual acts to enjoying time and activities together. Polyamory, however, is open to new people entering into the relationship with just one other person, two people or even a small community! If you find yourself falling in love with multiple people and are able to have your needs met by multiple partners, then polyamory may be for you. Lets say person A dates person B. Person A wants to explore BSDM, however, person B is not willing to engage in that sort of activity or does not interest him/her. With polyamory, person A and B can be in a solid relationship, yet person A may have their other needs met by a new person C.

If you find yourself wanting to simply have sex with multiple partners, but without the commitment, swinging may be for you. Perhaps you and your partner will swap partners with other couples. Another option is possibly simply opening up your relationship and allowing for side relationships to form, but still having each other as primaries within the relationship.

Polyamory is too strict. Nothing interests me.

The great thing about polyamory is the open mindedness to welcome change! We involved in a polyamorous relationship want all of our partners to be happy and content within the relationships we’ve built for them. This means that rules and boundaries may be put into place to help one other through either difficult times or to bring the polyamorous relationship full circle. Polyamory is not strict at all, and there are so many variances outside of the many different recognized types already noted.

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