Poly Adventures was created as a place to share experiences that many face in the polyamorous lifestyle: The fun and happiness that comes with “new relationship energy,” the pains we go through when we lose a partner, the difficulties of the polyamorous lifestyle, and the polyamory resources I have come across over the years I have been in non-monogamous relationships.

Poly Adventures was created out of a need for more information on the Polyamorous lifestyle. Check back daily for more content!

We have an extensive polyamory FAQ’s section as well as a page dedicated to polyamory, non-monogamy, open relationship resources. Polyamory documentaries are hard to come by, but there are plenty of great resources here on Poly Adventures or on other websites, which will be provided, in detail! I also have a page dedicated to the polyamory relationship rules I’ve encountered and how I have found success in doing things. Having a problem with jealousy? Is a partner being sketchy? I check my onlyfans messages regularly! Feel free to shoot me a message.

In the blog, I also talk about open relationships, quads, triads and much more! Polyamory is an umbrella term for many types of non-monogamous relationships, which I’ll cover as well. Come adventure with me!!