Lucifer’s Touch 1

Lucifer placed his blessing of control upon Tyler, a shy eighteen-year-old high school student nerd on the verge of graduation. It doesn’t take him long to realize the power at his disposal – controlling the hottest girl in class, Jennifer, to sexually ravish his body… amongst other things.

Lucifer’s Touch

“Wake up.”

Tyler’s eyes opened. He was filled with energy from the night before and the fantastic sleep. Looking up at the ceiling, he wondered what the day might bring, especially after such a strange dream. Tyler shivered, remembering Lucifer in his dreams.


It was his mother, Sarah. Sighing, Tyler stepped out of bed and put on a teeshirt and pants. Then, noticing his massive erection, he took a deep breath and tucked it under his pants belt. “I’m coming, mom!”

“Today is what – three days from graduation?” Sarah questioned her son when he appeared at the top of the basement stairs. “I bet you are getting excited.”

Tyler looked down his mother’s shirt while she served him eggs and hashbrowns. He could see her beautiful mounds and took a mental picture for later use. “I’m excited, that’s for certain.” Tyler replied, adjusting his hard cock.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m just excited,” Tyler said. He tried to hide his boner, but it was more than obvious he was rock hard. “Today is going to be boring, but hey, only a few more days, right?”

Sarah sat at the table next to her son and smiled, “it’s going to go fast.” She put her hand on his. “Trust me, you only have a few days left. Then you can start looking for a job.”

Tyler groaned. He was not looking forward to the new way of life. “What about dad? He can pay for my college, right?”

“He could,” Sarah replied softly, “but we discussed it. We believe it would be better for you to get a job and pay your way through. It builds character.”

“Seriously? Character?” Tyler sat back against his chair, frustrated. “Why can’t he just pay for my classes?”

“Calm down,” Sarah said, “please. It’s just a job.” She ran her hand through her long blonde hair. “It’s just – a – fucking – job!”

“Right, right,” Tyler grunted. “I’m going to school. Fuck this.” He picked up his backpack and then turned toward his mother. “I’ll see you later, mom.”

“Think about what kind of job you want to pick up!”

This took Tyler over the line. He huffed, then turned around and cursed at his mother, “fuck you, mom! I can’t believe you guys are going to make me get a damn job!”

Sarah was taken aback. It was not like her son to act out like this. “Tyler – please. Just go to school. Your father will talk to you about it later.”

“Jesus Christ,” Tyler spat, hitting the door with his fist. Even though his parents weren’t wealthy, they had enough to help him, and he couldn’t figure out why. “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Everyone at school – well, almost everybody – their parents pay for college! I’m going to be the only one working and busting my ass with coursework!

“You are going to miss the bus,” Sarah said, seeing the yellow vehicle behind her son. “Go. We will talk about this when you get home. I promise.”

“Fuck! I fucking hate this house!” Tyler left, slamming the door behind him. “I hate you guys!” He screamed, kicking the front door shut. Running off to the bus, he managed to get inside with the other seniors before it left his house.

Sitting in the back of the bus, he waited as it moved from home to home, picking up the rest of his class. Tyler watched as Jennifer – the hottest young woman in his grade, walked onto the bus and then sat in front of him. Biting the corner of his lip, Tyler felt something inside his body change. It was as if his chest was swapped with someone else. Tingling sensations spread from between his legs and up throughout his stomach. “Oh, god. Ugh,” Tyler groaned in pain, clutching his belly. “Fuck, what the hell is happening?!”

Students began to surround Tyler to see what was going on. They heard him screaming, and obviously, something was wrong – they just couldn’t figure out what. “Tell us what’s happening,” the bus driver, Freddy, questioned. “I called an ambulance,” one of the students spoke up.

Tyler’s body trembled as if he were about to have a panic attack. It felt as if the entire world rested upon his shoulders, and someone held a red hot knife dug halfway into his groin. “Holy fuck,” he grunted, sweating profusely. “Jesus, fucking hell!”

Two of the male students picked up Tyler and moved him outside. They laid him on the ground next to the busy morning highway. When Tyler hit the grass, he went out like a light. His body went limp, and the school students and teacher realized they couldn’t do anything until someone with more experience showed up. “Come on,” Freddy said, shaking the young man.

Suddenly Tyler awoke. He looked around at the confused faces. “What’s going on?”

Jennifer knelt beside Tyler and wiped away the sweat from his forehead with her handkerchief. “You were freaking out or something,” she said softly. “It was like you were possessed.”

“No way.” Tyler replied.

“You are right,” Jennifer said, nodding. “Yes, you are entirely correct.”

Tyler hesitated for a moment before standing. “I feel alright,” he said as the ambulance pulled up behind the yellow bus. The wailing siren continued while several people jumped out and ran towards the seniors.

“Who is injured?” The first questioned. She looked around for the person in need of assistance. “I swear to god, if this is another senior prank call, someone is going to pay.”

Tyler walked over to the policewoman. “Hey, I’m Tyler. I didn’t make the call, but I was the one in need of help. It was like my body was possessed, or at least that’s what Jennifer said.”

“Possessed? Right.” The policewoman rolled her eyes before waving her hand at the bus driver. “Hey, come over here.”

“Hey there,” Freddy said. “The young man, Tyler, was having some sort of reaction. He was shaking and even went unconsious for several minutes.”

Tyler nodded, “yeah, pretty much, however, I’m feeling fine now.”

“Oh, well, that’s good!” The policewoman exclaimed with excitement. “Do you have any other needs?”

Tyler shook his head, “no, but I’m thirsty.”

The policewoman ran to the ambulance and then back to Tyler. She handed him a mug of water.

“Hey, you don’t even let me drink from your mug,” one of the men spoke up, pointing at the drink.

“Thanks,” Tyler said, wiping his lips with his hand. “Are we going back to school?”

“You are the first case we won’t be taking in,” the policewoman said, “everyone who has had a bodily shut-down like you had, well, they come and get examined at the hospital.”

“No thanks. I’m fine, I promise.”

The policewoman nodded, “great! I’m glad you are feeling well! We were ready to take you to the hospital.”

Tyler began to notice something happening each time he made a statement. “Jennifer, come here,” he said. Under normal circumstances, she would have never listened to Tyler. But he wasn’t her type.

“Sure,” Jennifer replied. She ran her hands through her long dark hair and adjusted her bra. “What’s up?”

“I – ummm.” Tyler wasn’t sure what to say. “What’s your name, policewoman?”

“Shelly Henderson,” she replied, beaming.

Looking around, Tyler watched as the students began to board the bus in preparation for heading to school. “Shelly, pull down your pants.”

Tyler knew he was either about to be in handcuffs or…

Shelly unbuckled her police belt and then unbuttoned her pants. She pulled them down, revealing her black panties. Tyler could easily see her puffy cameltoe and knew immediately what had changed – he now had power. “Touch yourself.” He commanded with a smirk.

“Stop that! What the fuck, Shelly?!” One of the police officers ran over to Shelly and grabbed her pants.

“Get off me!” Shelly shouted, pulling her gun on the man. “My pants stay down, and I’m going to touch myself, whether you like it or not.”

“You can’t be doing this in front of these seniors! Shelly, get a hold of yourself!”

Shelly had one hand between her legs, massaging circles around her clitoris while her pussy began to secrete slick juices. She loved the pleasure and didn’t mind the people watching. Excitement rushed up across her arms and brought her hair on end. “Oh, god,” she moaned, looking at Tyler. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

Freddy, the bus driver, stepped out of the bus and looked at the woman. “What the hell…” Several students cheered, some laughed, and others turned away.

Tyler stepped a few feet back and watched. The woman was hot – much hotter than most of the students at his high school. “Take your shirt off,” he thought. He wasn’t certain whether he should speak up again.

Immediately Shelly began to unbutton her top, then remove the lacings of her body armor. She dropped it to the ground and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra.

“Shelly! Get in the car, now.” The policeman roared, grabbing Shelly’s hands and twisting them into a painful position.

“No!” Shelly shouted. She grabbed the man’s hand and broke his thumb whilst removing his grip. “I swear to fucking god – if you touch me again – you’re done.” Shelly’s big breasts came out her nipples hard against the cool morning air. She continued to finger herself, starting to climax and squirt onto her hands. Moaning, she slid another finger inside, then went faster. Cum sprayed from between her legs while she rapidly fingered herself in front of the seniors. “Fuck,” she moaned in pleasure, a smile creeping across her face while she looked over at Tyler. Shelly smiled and then waited for Tyler’s next command.

Tyler had a raging boner against his belt, and he wanted to see how far this newfound power could go. Looking across the senior students, he took a mental note that they should line up behind the bus.

Watching the seniors leave the bus and then line up behind it, Tyler felt more excitement in his chest than he had ever felt before. This power would change everything. With a grin, he turned his head and looked towards the forest. With a single thought, several trees grew to heights unimaginable. They pierced the clouds as Tyler focused. Then, not a moment later, they were embellished with streams of fire.

Grinning to himself, Tyler looked back at the interstate. The cars had stopped, and many of the people stood outside their vehicles, staring at the burning trees. “Christ almighty,” Freddy said, his eyes wide. He touched his chest at several points, speaking, “Father, Son, Holy Spirit.”

Tyler chuckled, “I’m willing to bet that’s not god’s work.”

Freddy couldn’t take his eyes off the skyscraper-tall trees, burning and shedding burning leaves into the wind. “Jesus, Christ.”

“I think this is more of the devil’s work,” Tyler replied, taking a finger and pointing at the tree’s top, then slamming them into the ground. The trees did exactly that – and when they hit, the explosion was hot enough to ionize the air itself. Rippling explosions of fire could be heard as each shook the earth itself. Tyler laughed aloud and thought about the young women watching. He licked his bare teeth, his dick hard and excited.

The third girl against the bus was Jennifer – beautiful, stunning, Jennifer. “Come here and suck my cock,” Tyler said with a chuckle. He had masturbated on more than one occasion to even the thought of what Jennifer’s breasts looked like. Now he would be able to not only see and touch them but fuck her tight cunt. Tyler’s heart nearly skipped a beat as he watched Jennifer kneel in front of him.

With his pants unbuckled, Jennifer pulled out Tyler’s dick. He was hard in her gentle hand. “Put it in your pussy after you’ve sucked me good.”

Jennifer took Tyler’s dick all the way down the back of her throat. For a shy young man, he was touting nearly nine inches.

Hearing Jennifer gag on his cock, Tyler couldn’t believe what was happening. He could see the state of shock everyone was in – all but Jennifer. She was moaning, groaning, and sucking on Tyler’s dick with both hands working his ballsack. Pulling on his cock with each motion, she vigorously lapped away and curled her tongue around him.

Tyler was a virgin and never even had a blowjob before – he was, without a doubt, in heaven. The young woman continued to suck on his cock fervently, twisting her hands around the base of his dick and repeatedly taking him down her throat. “Lucifer, fuck,” Tyler stuttered against the tremendous ecstasy racing up the base of his cock. “Holy Fucking Hell!”

Thick loads of cum pumped into her mouth with each earth-shattering wave of pleasure tracing Tyler’s veins. Roaring, he held Jennifer’s face on his cock. He could feel her hands on his ass, pulling herself closer to his groin, desperate for his load.

“Take it all, milk my cock the best you can,” Tyler said, still cumming inside her mouth. Sweat dripped from his forehead onto Jennifer’s bobbing head. He could feel her hands massaging his balls and her tongue boldly curling around his tip. Looking down at her long dark hair while he came into her throat, Tyler couldn’t believe what he was doing. The sensation of pleasure rippled through his cock once again, bursting and unloading more semen into her mouth, on her tongue, and down her throat.

Tyler chuckled to himself and then looked around at all the beautiful young women standing before him. He could see the fear in their eyes, and he knew that they knew what power he held. Unable to move, the girls stood and waited their turn as Tyler walked over in front of the teacher.

“Hey there, Emily,” Tyler said to the thirty-three-year-old woman. She had a healthy-sized rack and a relatively fit body. Wearing proper school attire of a black top and white dress, she was at least a seven, perhaps an eight. Smirking to himself, Tyler stepped closer to the teacher. “I think you should show me your breasts. I want to see them.”

Emily gently unbuttoned the top of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her long nimble fingers quickly unclasped the black bra, allowing her D+ cup breasts to see the light of day.

“Wow.” Tyler said, putting his hands on his hips. “You have a nice set. I hope your husband doesn’t mind if I touch them.”

“He will mind, and yes, touch them, please!” Emily exclaimed, her eyes widening in excitement.

“I never thought I would hear my teacher say something like that.” Tyler said, “I like you, Emily. I think you should take the shirts and bras off each student here in the line.” Walking in front of each senior, he took in the glorious beauty of each, excited to see what lay underneath. “Then, once you are done with that, I want you to take their panties off.”

Tyler’s hands touched Emily’s married, catholic breasts. They were soft but had a tightness just under the surface, and even though they were pretty big, they held high on her chest. “Hold up; I want you first,” Tyler said.

Emily quickly undressed for Tyler and bent over, showing him her ass. “Fuck me, please!”

Tyler took in the sight of her trimmed pussy and wondered if that would be the one he would lose his virginity to. Then, looking at all the girls his age, he thought maybe another would be better…

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Rhinosceros erotica sex

Lucifer placed his blessing of control upon Tyler, a shy eighteen-year-old high school student nerd on the verge of graduation. It doesn’t take him long to realize the power at his disposal – controlling the hottest girl in class, Jennifer, to sexually ravish his body… amongst other things.

Jamie’s innocent hands are tied with rope while her legs are forced apart with spreaders. She doesn’t know why her Daddy would do something like this, especially in the barn. Horrified by Toro, an enormous Bull, Jamie tries to escape her father’s plan to have her raped by the animal.
Tim, her father, joins in, excited watching his barely legal daughter repeatedly orgasm and scream in terror. He might force crying Jamie to suck his dick while Toro stretches her virgin cunt to unimaginable proportions with its thirty-six-inch cock.
Unfortunately for both terrified Jamie and Tim, the absolute unit of a bull will not be controlled during its breeding frenzy. Toro, weighing thousands of pounds and over eight feet tall, is horny and will have his mate one way or another.
If the animal vigorously rapes little Jamie, will she make it out of this alive? Will her father be able to control the animal, or will he regret the decision of ever disciplining his daughter through forced animal sex?

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  • Lucifer’s Touch 1
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