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Jezebel Rose is an erotica author. She enjoys writing in a wide variety of styles and perspectives. Having a multitude of degrees, she is able to create beautiful works of art when it comes to custom erotica. With embracing arms, she has helped over one million people (sales) cum! Haha! You will quickly realize JR is not just another author, but the one that brings all five senses to life. Follow along as JR publishes free erotica short stories, by Jezebel Rose, right here on her website. Go ahead and read below, and enjoy yourself while you do so.
~Jezebel Rose

Her eyes glisten in the soft rays of sunlight peering in from the window; her perfect curves look so soft and silky, I just had to reach out and caress her. She smiles at me and whispers words that I can barely comprehend- partially because of my grogginess, but mostly because all the blood in my body was rushing to my swelling cock that she so effortlessly and skillfully was caressing.

“Good morning, sunshine” I finally registered. “I hope you don’t mind, but I just couldn’t wait to feel you again.” She kept grinning as I nodded, stunned, still unable to formulate my words. Leaning her body onto mine, her soft pouty lips caressing my own, I could feel her pressing her chest into mine. She kissed me hard and deep, her tongue winding its way around all parts of my mouth. She slightly raised her body off mine so her nipples lightly grazed my chest and kissing her way down my neck, I felt her sweet breath, warm and moist, on my chest. She kept her hand on my cock working the shaft as she crept down my hard body, letting go just in time for my rock hard member to slip between her soft, supple breasts as she licked and kissed lower and lower.

When her warm, wet mouth reached it’s anticipated destination, she wrapped her full lips around just the head of my cock and twirled her tongue round and round. Her hands explored my entire body desperately wanting to feel every inch. She slowly lowered her face down wetting my entire shaft and when I thought it was as far in as it would go, she lowered even deeper… it was a feeling like I’d never experienced: tighter, wetter — mind blowing.

A moan escaped from my mouth that let her know I liked what she was doing. She bobbed up and down, keeping me deep in her throat and as she pressed her amazing tits against my balls and ass, I almost lost it. As she ever so slowly and deliberately slid back up my cock, I was able to regain most of my composure. She flicked her tongue around the head as she wrapped her hands around the base and shaft. Her mouth slid away and her hands took over again taking me back to the same dream. She was doing that sexy grin again looking me straight in the eye.

“Wow, your mouth is even better than your hands” I concluded. Her eyes and smile kept steady like she was already confident in that fact, but her blushing cheeks betrayed her. She worked me with her hand and let her mouth wonder to by balls – licking, sucking, swirling her tongue round again. Her hands and mouth worked in perfect harmony and I couldn’t keep my hips from thrusting up with each pump. I was right on the edge and I knew she could tell. “I have to fuck you” I begged but she kept licking and caressing with more and more intensity. She slid her mouth around my pulsating cock and my hips thrusted till I was once again deep inside her. She took all of me into her mouth, rubbed her tits on balls and ass again. I exploded my hot load and there was nothing but pure ecstasy in her eyes as she let it spill down her throat. I let out a primal scream of pure pleasure.  She slowly lifted herself off me and slid her body next to mine in the bed…

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