Yes, Master – Part 1 of 4

This erotica piece was written back in 2014 by me. It features a unique writing style that was intentionally different and sexy. Custom erotica is fun to write for me and honestly, turns me on. When I’m writing what others fantasize about, I like to get into their headspace and really explore every single one of the five senses. You’ll see in this story that it could even be considered a paid custom erotica piece for how specific it was during the BDSM scenes. I simply went with the flow of the writing custom erotica. Explaining each of the senses as the characters interact in such a subtle, yet intense way, has been exciting and fascinating. As I reread my custom erotica stories, I notice how hot they actually are. My mind delves into the darker types of erotica, yet, at times, I come up for a breath of light.


“Yes… Master.” I spoke into the mirror.

“Yes. Master.” I said again, this time faster.

“Yes, Master.” My voice was flawless. Perfect. It was how he liked it.

I’ve been trying my best to get it right. It was the one thing he demanded of me. “Yes, Master.” It was my one true purpose, the very thing I had to get right. Every time.

I glanced towards the door to the backyard. I could leave. But without him, I would be nothing. We were bound together. We were made for each other.

My hands grew sweaty as I listened to the heated conversation upstairs.

I should practice. I shouldn’t listen.

It was his wife. “Yes, I know, I know. You want me out of the house today. I understand that. But I have things to do.”

I heard his voice. It was Master. “No. You will leave, and you will let me be. Now go!”

Then I heard a sound. I knew that sound.

I reached up instinctively and touched my face. It was still bruised from last time. I would never disobey again.

“Yes, Master.” I spoke.

He would be proud. I would get it right this time.

The tiny light above me flickered. It always flickered when Master was at the doorway.

I heard the familiar sound of the doorknob twisting. Over time I had begun to enjoy the noise. It meant he was coming for me.

“Yes, Master!” I said urgently as I sat on my small cot, staring at my fractured mirror.

He was coming, and I wanted him to know I was doing my very best to be exactly what he wanted.

His footsteps hit the concrete floor and stopped.

I dipped my head towards the ground and crawled over to the base of the stairs. It was the first thing I was taught.

Never stand up to Master unless told.

I waited for his voice. Every fiber of my being wanted him to say my name. Please Master. Please say my name.


“Yes, Master.” I said firmly without hesitation.

“You have done well. Today you shall learn something new.”

The room went dark as I heard the ever so feint click of the switch. The switch was his. I never touched what was his.

“Yes, Master.” I said as his words warmed my soul. For him I would do anything. Learn anything.

“You will sit upon this chair until I am finished.”

I felt myself start to smile. Immediately I caught the action and kept a straight face. Master told me what he wanted. I could not act out like a disobedient child.

Twine wrapped around my wrists as he grabbed each and tied them behind my back. He made sure the bindings were taut.

“Do not speak. Do not move. Do not look.” His words came strong and fast. I dared not do anything.

My lip quivered as I felt a long thin strap slide around my eyes. I couldn’t see even if I wanted to.

“Open your mouth.”

His voice was commanding. Like a general barking orders to his marines.

My mouth opened. I knew what was going to happen next.

The sound of the furnace kicking on stood my hair on end as I felt his cock slide up my arm.

“You want this cock.”

It was more of a statement than a question. A statement I was not to reply to.

I nodded.

His hard dick slapped against my jaw.

“Training begins now, right Joanne?”

“Yes, Master.” I said quickly without hesitation.

“Stick out your tongue.”

I stuck out my tongue just as I felt his hard cock slide into my mouth. I had learned from a young age how to open my throat so that I wouldn’t gag. If I gagged without his permission, I would be punished.

His cock pressed deeper down my throat as I sat there in the chair. My hands gripped tightly onto the wood as I fought back the urge to gag.

“Good girl.” He said as he tapped on my head.

Master’s cock withdrew.

Stars swam in my vision as I struggled to breath. I did as mother told me. Count backwards from five. One breath at a time.

I composed myself and straightened my back.

His footsteps echoed in the small basement as I heard him pace around my chair. Master was deciding what to do next.

Every muscle in my body tensed as I heard the crack of a whip.

I couldn’t help but wince.

“Now comes a different kind of training.” Master said as he cracked the whip again.

“Yes, Master.”

My words came swiftly. Master should be happy.

The arc of pain across my back said differently. I dared not disobey and cry out.

Another crack of the whip. My full breasts would be sore after this training.

His warm breath on my neck was something I always looked forward to. “Do you enjoy our time together?”

My mind raced.

This was the first time Master had asked me this.

“Yes, Master. I do.”

The whip cracked again. It split across my exposed ass from the back of the chair.

Pain shot up my spine and caused my head to waiver for a moment.

I caught myself quickly and straightened.

“Good girl. You have done well.”

The words brought joy to my heart as I felt a tear run down my cheek.

Master had never done that before.

What would he say… or do?

I felt his finger run up my cheek.

“What’s this?” His words came out in confusion, or perhaps disbelief.

Complete silence ensued as I heard him pace the room slowly. I was sure he was contemplating his next course of action.

I suddenly realized I had not answered his question. Was it aimed at me?

“Master, forgive me. I accept punishment.” My words came slow and filled with remorse as I hung my head in shame.

He stopped. He had to have been angry.

I braced myself.

Nothing came.


I stood with my arms behind my back.

“Bend over.”

I bent over, attempting to keep myself from falling over.

Master’s cock slid inside my opening. My body was made for him.

The furnace kicked off. I could only hear his grunting echoing off the walls as I leaned over the chair.

It felt good. In fact, it felt great.

I could feel my body responding to his dick inside me in ways I had never felt before.

Today seemed… different.

His hands grasped tightly onto my hips.

My body jerked forward in surprise.

Master never touched me before. He always did his business, then left. Today was different. Perhaps because today was my birthday. Today I turned 28.

I moaned softly as I felt a tingling sensation curl through my fingertips and down to my toes. Ripples of pleasure shot through my body.

He stopped his slow thrusting.

“What was that?”

I bit my lip. “Forgive me Master. You pleasure me so.”

Master gripped tighter onto my hips. His nails dug into my skin. I could feel a thin line of blood trickle down my leg.

He didn’t respond with words.

Master dug his nails in deeper, shooting pain down my legs as I felt his cock ram into my pussy with force.

His hips hammered into my ass as I felt one of his hands release from my hip.


My ass tightened as I felt his hand run across my sore behind. I could still feel the burning sensation from when he whipped it.

Smack! This time harder.

Smack Smack!

His cock dug deep inside me as I felt his shaft tense.

Master was ready to release, but I dared not ask him for mine.

I felt him pull his dick out inch by inch.

He stopped for a moment, with his cock half inside me.

“You will cum for me today.” He said firmly.

“Yes, Master.” I replied, trying not to sound too eager. It had been a long time since he commanded for me to cum for him.

His cock slid back inside me.

I could already feel my body accepting the realization it would soon be writhing in orgasmic pleasure.

Master’s cock hardened once again as he pressed deeper.

I felt his hand slide down in front of me and between my legs while his other held onto my wrist bindings.

His fingers found my spot.

Immediately my knees started to buckle. Focusing hard, I kept them locked into place as I felt him thrust inside.

My opening was wet and screaming for more. The only way I could cum was when Master was rough, and he knew that.

“You may cum when you are ready.”

I felt his hand release off the bindings and grab onto my hair. My neck was jerked back as I felt his fingers pinch my clit.

Pain shot through my body and mixed with the overwhelmingly intense pleasure emanating from each of his long and powerful thrusts.

My pussy tightened in anticipation.

Master’s cock tightened as well.

I opened my mouth to scream, but no words came out. My walls clenched tightly onto his cock as the rest of my body shuddered in pure orgasmic pleasure. The black dots returned as I wavered for a moment then fell to the floor.

Darkness ensued.

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