Teaser Part II

“Wow… You. Are. Perfection.” I said rolling on top of her as she giggled. Grinning from ear to ear she grabbed around me and pulled me even closer.

“I’m not sure who enjoyed themselves more.” She replied.

With my mouth against her big, full lips I tucked a stray curl behind her ear. Just feeling her breath on my face had me already starting to stir again under the blankets. My hands trailed down her neck and kept lowering, as if they had a mind of their own until I felt her full breasts spilling from around my hands. She had an amazing body, curvy and soft. “How did I get so lucky?” I must have wondered aloud as she reached her hand up and tilted my gaze away from her body and into her eyes. It was like she was looking into my soul. She let a hand wonder over my head and down my back as her other was getting lost in my beard. She had me completely captivated. Time stopped for a few beats and by the time I was snapped to reality, my hand had wondered to her hip and I could feel my fully erect cock pressing against her. With one word, she had me… “Please?” and I slipped inside her.

The world was spinning, the feel of her, so wet, so tight. Her head leaned back and her eyes closed. We both took a moment to savor the new sensation. When our eyes met, I leaned down and kissed her “You ready?”

“I’ve been waiting so long for this” she replied. With those few words, the mood completely shifted. Her sweet gaze had turned into a glare of fiery passion, her soft smile into a devilish grin. I matched her intensity, the want becoming overwhelming. I slowly pulled out leaving just the tip in to feel her warm wetness. She bit her lower lip and her muscles tensed in anticipation. I rammed my rock hard cock back inside of her, pushing as deep as I could as she let out a long breath of relief. Kneeling in front of her, she lifted her legs into the air, spread wide so I could enjoy the view as I slammed inside her. With my hands on her ankles I spread her open even wider. Her pussy lips grasping me and pulling me in, wanting to feel the pressure of me against all her walls. In one quick movement, my hands slipped down to her thighs, I pulled out and flipped her onto her stomach. I lifted her hips off the bed and pulled her onto me once again. I remained still and pushed/pulled her ass toward me creating the perfect friction.

Her moans had turned to screams and her panting was quickening. I dropped her to her knees and she lifted her torso so she was on all fours. She looked over her shoulder at me and told me to sit, legs out in front of me. I was quick to obey. She shifted backwards so she was sitting on my lap, her back to my chest. As she bounced up and down the rhythm quickened in time with her moans. My hands finally had a chance to explore her body. As she grinded on top of me, I let my hands wander to her tits and rolled her hard, tight nipples between my fingers. My hands then meandered down over her soft belly til I felt the apex of her wet slit. My finger slipped inside and explored until I found the small protruding button. My fingers circled her clit and she threw her head back with a loud moan. Her body started to convulse on top of me; her rhythm slowing. I felt her pussy clench around me, pulsating and massaging my hard cock. Her juices flowed around me and onto my thighs and with a loud scream of pleasure I felt her coming, hard.

She turned her head so our lips could meet. I kissed her and let my tongue explore her mouth as I raised her off me and slid out of her. She turned to face me and smiled. I shifted back onto my knees and she threw her arms around my neck. Holding her to me with a firm hand on her back, I slowly lowered her to the bed. She was reaching for me to guide my cock back inside her, but I had to taste her.

Her cum was sweet and warm; her pussy soft and smooth. My tongue danced around, shifting from swirling inside her to lightly flicking at her clit. My beard tickling her thighs and getting drenched in her juices. The scent was intoxicating. Her body was arching again and I could feel her tighten. I pulled away and flung by body on top of hers. I was again inside of her, feeling her clenching around me. She thrusted her hips to meet mine above her as she threw her legs around me and crossed them behind my back, holding on with a firm grasp. With her arms still around my neck and her legs holding tight, I flipped onto my back still deep inside her. She was now straddling atop me. She sat straight up and raised and lowered her body on me, her breasts bouncing in time with her movements. Beads of sweat were slowly trailing down her torso. She must have felt my cock throbbing inside her. She whispered “cum with me, baby” just seconds before I released my load as she leaned back and shook on top of me, screaming, reaching down with her hand, spreading her lips so I could watch as she squirted all over my shaft and balls.

She collapsed onto me, panting, trying to catch her breath. We laid there in silence, trying to regain our senses. As our wits started returning, she kissed me hard and wordlessly slipped out of bed and grabbed my hand as indication to follow her; I obliged. She led me out of the bedroom and down the short hallway. I was still in a trance watching her move, glide, guiding me towards the bathroom. She bent forward and I was snapped from my daze by the sound of the water hitting the tiles. She slipped under the fall of water and pulled me in after her…

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