Emotion, Pain, Pleasure; Emotionless

My hands touched her soft lips as the hair on my arms stood… – I couldn’t seem to find the right words or make my rough hands move my dulled pencil. I scrunched the paper and looked across the dimly lit room. A faint whiff of stale peanuts and burnt coffee filled my nose as I looked down at the pile of scrapped notes. “I’ll never finish this in time” I muttered to myself as I sighed. Looking past the table I noticed flurries of snow start to fall outside as I began to lose myself in thought.

My mind wandered to dark places as flashes of the night before whipped in front of my eyes. The sound of a whip cracking against cold black leather, a scream of ecstasy so guttural it seemed almost too animalistic to be human and the feeling of soft lips kissing down my thigh as I was restrained to the concrete wall. My mind pushed past the heavy air surrounding me and I felt myself slip out of reality and into my emotions – I was lost in a sea of pain mixed with a tinge of pleasure. Her leather was stained with what appeared to be my own sweat, hardly even noticeable, but her pulling my head back roughly and grabbing my neck pulled me away from my emotions and back into reality.

I stared into her eyes, cold and dark, but with a flicker of unrestrained excitement deep within. I felt her slide her hand down my chest over my shirt. As I began to look down at myself she immediately grabbed my neck and held me fast as I felt myself tremble with excitement and fear. I heard a crack, expecting immediate pleasure and pain only to have the room light brightly for a moment. The ground trembled with such intensity only rivaled by my longing to grab this woman and throw her to the ground to tear off her leather and give her new meaning to pleasure. I smelled fresh wet leather as I looked up at her, eyes filled with fire; she smacked me hard across the face. A small grin appeared on her face as her eyes finally caught mine. “I see you, I feel you, I taste you” she said as she slowly ripped my shirt open and licked up my chest covered in sweat.

I felt the blood rush to my hand as she grabbed my wrist and untied the rope that bound me. “Use me” she said. Without thought I grabbed her long, straight, black hair and wrapped it through my fingers and pushed her head down. I felt myself rise entirely within her while she struggled to move as I held her tightly in place. I felt her throat choke on me as the room flashed with light. I released my grip on her hair slightly as she stood, dripping with sweat and salvia. Her hair still in my hand, she stood as she unbuttoned the leather around her waist. I heard the sound of leather hitting the ground as the room shook with thunder and the cold wind whipped across my bare chest. My hair stood on end as she turned herself around and pushed myself into her. As my eyes rolled back into my head I felt everything, and nothing. I felt my soul, dark as the room around me. I looked down at her back, strapped with leather and spread with ink of undecipherable symbols, I felt she knew me more than I knew myself.

She slowly pushed herself away from me, then back onto me, back and forth as I held her hair with one hand. As adrenaline coursed through my body, I felt the storm increase with intensity as I pulled hard with my left arm still tied to the concrete. She felt my adrenaline coursing through my body as I pushed hard, ripping my second hand free then wrapping my arm around her, grabbing her chest. Holding tightly I pushed myself all the way inside her as she screamed; half scream, half thunder. I felt her run down my leg as she came. The rain and her pooled together at our feet as I pushed myself in and out of her as glass rained from the ceiling. I felt the storm shudder with the fury of a thousand warriors as sirens waned on in the distance.

As the storm’s intensity rose, so did ours. The sound of rain never reached my ears as everything was completely drowned by the moans of erotic pleasure that enveloped the air around us. I felt the ground sway as I looked around and saw whirling masses of buildings being ripped apart by the fury of the storm outside. I felt the storm within my being as I immediately snapped back to reality and dug my nails into her hips. She quickly spun around, grabbed me and kneeled on the soaked floor. I smelled her fear as she quickly wrapped her mouth around me, thrusting me deep into her mind as I exploded with the force of the storm within her.

She looked up at me; her eyes caught mine as I dripped down her leather and shuddered with pleasure. Exhausted, I slumped against the wall as she continued to stare at me intently, with eyes longing for… more. My eyes closed for a moment, savoring the feeling. I watched as I dripped down her chin as she stood up silently, with the grace of an angel and the fury of a demon. She turned around and walked into the darkness as

Shaking myself back into reality, I looked down at my paper, written with such passion I felt I had accomplished what I had come here to do. I picked up my notebook and walked outside, glancing inside for a brief moment to see only one lonely soul at the bar; long black hair, tight black fishnets and a face to die for. Literally. The smell of burnt coffee left my nostrils as I closed the door behind me and walked down the street.

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