Today we will be answering the question; Is sex better with an emotional connection? Now, we can’t speak for other people, however, there have been studies done that show sex is indeed better with an emotional connection. Why? Lets talk about that, but first, let’s look at some statistics from

This a comprehensive first timer swingers guide. If you want to learn how, why, when, and where to meet people, give this a read!

Two fundamental parts of polyamory; honesty & communication. There is a unique dynamic between the two that allows for honesty to play off communication and the reverse to happen. Honesty is pointless without communication and communication is also pointless without honesty. The two together play a vital part of any relationship, including polyamorous relationships, which is what we will be focusing on today.

Our break up advice today will cover how to break up with someone the right way, how to let them down easy without tormenting them…

This is a continuation of how to date as a polyamorous person online. I’ll help you navigate the very first thing on your path… finding someone!

Polyamory dating tips!

Learn how to navigate the difficult side of polyamory and its structure with boundaries and rules.

Is polyamory really about love multiplication or is there limit to loving more than one person? Why is this so?