Sex Blanket Review: Liberator Fascinator Throes

Today we start the day off by giving you a review of the best darn sex product we have ever used. It’s called a sex blanket. Yes, you heard me right; a sex blanket.

What the heck is a sex blanket used for?

The first thing you must know about sex blankets is that yes, you have sex on them. Haha – however, its not simply the fact that you have sex on them, its the fact that sex blankets are used solely for that purpose. Sex blankets are primarily used for keeping all those bodily fluids off of the bed, couch or floor. If you and your partner or partners are into cutting or anything that involves blood, these things are perfect for you. The sex blanket was made for keeping those fluids off your blanket so you don’t have to do an entire load of laundry for just 1 piece of fabric. We all know how annoying washing a comforter is too, especially those cotton ones.

Why do I need a sex blanket?

If you are polyamorous like us, you will know that partners that aren’t dating each other generally don’t want to mix fluids. It can be awkward if a partner lays down in someone else’s juices or notices stains on the bed. The sex blanket keeps all those juices off the bed and on the blanket. They are lined with absorbent materials, so the fluid doesn’t run off and simply just gets soaked up. The sex blanket is also great for a couple because it does the same thing for them as it does for everyone else. It keeps the messes at bay. After sex, just wad it up and throw it in the hamper, no need to clean up a mess or ruin a perfectly good shower towel. We use our sex blanket every time we have sex and wash it about every 3-4 uses.

Is it worth the price?

Sex blankets generally run from $60 up over $200. We have purchased cheap sex blankets in the past which have eventually over 2-3 washes either fallen apart or become rough to the point of not being able to have sex on them. Basically what I’m telling you; don’t buy the cheap ones. If you have to, save up a bit of extra cash and buy a decent one like the Liberator Fascinator Throe from GoodVibes. We have purchased other brands on Amazon, but this one seems to be the best. Cheaper blankets tend to tear if you and your partner or partners are rough on it. This one doesn’t tear easily! (We’ve had ours for years; not one rip)

“Best sex investment I have ever made” – Jezebel

You will be saving more money buying a good sex blanket than a cheaper one simply because of the absorption. You save money from not having to deal with laundry cleaning your blankets and sheets every time you have sex with your partner or partners.

Why the Liberator?

The Liberator Fascinator Throe is $120 and worth every penny for several reasons. The fabric is silky soft one side, and the other has a satin, which feels amazing and very sexy. Some blankets are small and cover only a small portion of the bed (or very small ones that are pointless and only cover a butt-sized portion of the bed), the Liberator is large, coming in at 53 ½” x 69 ½” (inches), which is big enough to cover an entire queen sized bed. This is absolutely perfect because you can throw it down and romp all over the bed and not have to worry about moving the blanket.

Does it soak up anything? Does it stain?

The fabric side can stain, yes. We typically use the satin side however because its much sexier. We dropped lube, cum, period, sweat and lotions onto the blanket; all washed off with one load leaving the blanket as good as new.

Overall Opinion: Liberator Fascinator Throe Sex Blanket

We give the Liberator Fascinator Throe from GoodVibes as 95/100 simply because it is the first blanket we have come across that does what it is supposed to do every time. We have never had to worry about stains, fluids running off (which is an issue with cheaper blankets), softness or tearing. We’ve had our sex blanket from them for years and we haven’t had one tear, it’s still soft and still absorbs the same amount of fluid as the first day we bought it.

Why not 100/100?

You may ask why don’t we give them a 100/100 rating? Well, it does cost $120. However, as well all know, when it comes to sex toys and sex items, they can get pricey. Most good vibrators cost over $80 easy (at least ones that don’t break). We highly recommend picking up one of these blankets even if you don’t get rough with your partner! You will save time and money with laundry!

Just to make a note for all you people out there, this isn’t a paid advertisement. We formulate our own reviews which come from an unbiased, sex positive household.

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