First Date Fun

I feel a tap on my shoulder as I pretended to read my book, too nervous to actually comprehend the print in my hands.  I look up to to see you standing in front of me and it’s all I can do to not rip off your clothes right here, right now. Your piercing hazel eyes have me completely captivated and as I look down the length of your hard, lean body, my mind goes a little blurry. You reach out your hand to help me from my chair, “Jen, right? Hi. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

It takes me a moment to snap out of my trance. I slowly stand as my brain comes back into focus “…. Hi. Nice to meet you as well.”

As I rise to greet you, you place a soft kiss on the back of my hand and sensation of your lips on my skin makes crave your mouth from head to toe. As we sit and chat, getting to know each other, my mind keeps wandering and I find myself imagining your strong but smooth hands caressing me and your lips grazing my body. My mouth was on auto pilot as we made flirty, lighthearted conversation, while my mind was still focused on the possibilities of what may happen later.

I was snapped out of my daydream when the waitress brought our check. “Thanks for the coffee” I said as we meandered our way out the door.

“Thanks for the conversation. This was fun.” you answered with a smile.

I nodded in agreement searching for something else to say to keep us from parting ways; my mind went blank. As we stepped out side I turned to you as we hugged our goodbye. As you pulled away, your hand lightly slid down lingered on my lower back…. “How bout a night cap” I blurted nervously, not wanting you to walk away — immediately kicking myself for the cheesy line.” I mean, if you’d like a drink, I live right around the corner?

“Sure” you replied, not able to hold in your smile.

I led the way up the stairs to my apartment and you couldn’t help but notice my ass jiggle under the thin fabric of my summer dress. As we sipped our drinks, we chatted, laughed and flirted ferociously. Your hand had made its way to my lower back again and your touch was just too much to resist. I pulled you toward me and kissed, hard. Your arm tightened around my back and pressed me against you so we could feel the amazing contradiction of our bodies: yours hard and tight, mine soft and curvy. We explored the taste of each others mouths and the feel of each others bodies. I grabbed you forcefully by the hand and quickly led you to the bedroom.

As you stood there before me I took a step back to take in the long, lean, sexy body before me, wanting to run my hands all over it. While you pulled me back in to further explore my luscious mouth, I unbuttoned your shirt and ran my hands down your body, letting them rest on your waist. I knelt down in front of you. You removed your shirt before reaching for your belt.

“No… let me.” I slowly slid off your belt and rested my hands on your hips again. I took the fabric of your jeans in my teeth and with one quick head movement, your button was undone. I slid my tongue up the length of your zipper, lifted the tab with the tip and grabbed hold with my lips. As I moved my head down, the zipper came down with it and my hands slid down your legs, lowering your pants to the floor. I let my hands ride back up your thighs and slip under your boxers… the higher I get, the tighter your boxers become. I rub and kiss your inner thighs until it looks like you’re about to rip your boxers in half. I lick my way across your lower abdomen and let my tongue wonder under the elastic. As I start to pull them down, your huge hard cock springs out like a freed caged animal and I can’t help but let out a little gasp of joy.

I raise off my knees, my body sliding against yours; when I meet your eye level, you raise my dress over my head and take in the amazing site before you. I push you onto the bed quickly and get to work on your anticipating member. I lick up, down and around to lube you up and savor your taste. I wrap my lips around you and bob up and down teasing the head till I have you begging and pleading for more. I keep teasing relentlessly until you finally take matters into your own hands, grab my head and shove it on your cock. We both let out a moan of pure ecstasy. You grab my hair in your hands and maneuver my head faster then slower and fast again exactly how you want it, building up till your right on the edge. You pull hard on my hair and lift my head off your cock – pull me up and flip me underneath you. You slam your hard cock, slick and wet from my mouth, inside me so hard your balls slap against my ass. You pump hard a few times till I feel your hot cum explode in me as we both scream and you collapse on top of me cursing, sweating and panting.

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